WARNING: Corrupt JPG Recovery Softwares Can Destroy Your Deleted Photos Forever!!

  My name is Aron Stuart and I own a computer's recovery lab at Inglewood California.
  I've dealt with almost every kind of data recovery loss starting from corrupted jpg files that needed to be
  recover till recovering files from hard drives that have been burned... and I don't mean metaphor...
  In the last 6 month I'm
increase in the people coming to my lag and ask me for help with recover their photos.

Apparently, all of them tried to use "corrupt jpg recovery softwares" they have downloaded from the Internet... but it only made their situation worse! I decided to check what are these softwares they're talking about...

What I've found on the internet was SHOCKING!! dozens of so called "jpg recovery" softwares...
these software can seriously damage your jpg files and destroy the chances to recover them in the future!

Here are the 3 Photo Recovery Software I use in my lab these software were tested for years and proven to be working in 99.9%.  These are the only softwares I can recommend you in order to repair your corrupt jpg file.

Goof luck recovering your photos,                                                         Learn More About Corrupt JPG Recovery Software...

#1 Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery
(Our #1 Recommendation)

  • The only recovery software dedicated only to Recove Corrupt JPG FILES

  • Support all Digital Cameras images files

  • Support all Digital Cameras Memory Cards (SD,CF,XD,etc.)

  • Recover deleted pictures after corruption due to the SD card being pulled out while the camera is still on

  • Provide Pictures / Image Recovery after Accidental deletion of the Pictures or formatting of your digital storage media device

  • 100% satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee

Product Review:

No matter how you lost your photo, if it was by accidentally deletion, digital camera malfunction or if you formatted your memory card and now you regret it... Stellar Photo Recovery will get all your photos back to you!

This software specialized only in recovering corrupt jpg files, repairing images and retrieving photos.

I use Stellar Photo Recovery in my lab for 5 years now... every time I challenged it with more difficult deletion or formatted JPG file case, any every time I surprised from it abilities!

Most important - Stellar Photo Recovery have preview thumbnails of the deleted jpg files before the repair process begins.

I truly recommend this software for any case of JPG file loss!

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Photo Recovery Ability:    rating
User Friendly Interface:   rating
Costumer Support Team: rating

#2 ParetoLogic Data Recovery
  • Recovers a wide variety of file types, including recycled, compressed and encrypted

  • Supported all image files

  • Has the ability to retrieve missing files from many peripheral storage devices

  • Recover data lost when using media between different cameras / computers

  • Revives files from even freshly formatted or partitioned drives

Product Review:

Data Recovery from ParetoLogic software house is the most honorable and award winning data recovery software online.

This powerful program searches through all your hard drives till it finds the deleted or lost file you are looking for. This program is designed with a step by step procedure that guides you through the process of finding your data and retrieving it once again

although ParetoLogic Data Recovery is the best data recovery software online, the deleted pictures recovery section is a bit less efficient than Stellar Photo Recovery and that's why it comes 2nd place.

I usually use it in cases of emails and data files loss, this software is highly recommended in those cases.

2nd best but only in few points and only in the photo recovery field.

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Photo Recovery Ability:    rating
User Friendly Interface:   rating
Costumer Support Team: rating

#3 File-Saver
  • QUICKLY Recover Hundreds of Deleted Files from ANY drive on your computer - including camera cards!

  • INSTANT Image Preview - Is that the right photo? Check instantly without recovering, with image preview

  • FULL SUPPORT for any drive - including all FAT and NTFS drives, floppy disks, and digital camera cards!

  • INTUITIVE Windows Explorer mode enables you to view your deleted files as though they were still available on your computer!

  • Full support and online walk-through

Product Review:

File - Saver is now possible with the world’s smartest file recovering software. File - saver helps you retrieve deleted data from your PC even though you have emptied your recycle bin or if your file has been deleted by virus.

File - Saver can undelete data from your PC hard drive no matter how old the data is.

With a very simple interface File - Saver does quite good job.

The big flaw that makes File - Saver come in the 3rd place is the need to buy this program before the ability to preview the lost files.

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Photo Recovery Ability:    rating
User Friendly Interface:   rating
Costumer Support Team: rating

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